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Equipment refers to the various hats, clothes, accessories, and friends (pets) that your cats can equip for aesthetics and to increase their production rates.


Making a piece of equipment enables a bonus effect. This bonus effect will remain in effect even if no cat is wearing the equipment, but must be created first. There are four possible bonus effects an equipment can have:

Equipment Effects[1]
Bonus Effect Description
Price Increases the base selling cost of a specific dish (ex. Acorn Soup.)
Effect Increases the base selling cost of a specific cooking facility (for all of its dish types), or the recipe points produced by a rest facility.
Special Effect Increases the effect of a function or special facility.
Just Adorable Does nothing.

There are six possible special effect increases:

  • Offline reward time
  • Photo reward
  • Special order reward
  • Air Balloon gold
  • The Frog Prince's gift
  • The Jar Fairy's gold


You need at least 10 points of an equipment in order to make it. Obtaining more equipment points allows you to level up your equipment, which increases its bonus effects. Equipment with the "Just Adorable" effect cannot be levelled. The following table summarizes the effect of levelling on the other three bonus effect types:

Bonus Effect Per Equipment Level[1]
Level Total Equipment Points Price Effect Special Effect
1 10 +10% +20% +5%
2 30 +20% +40% +10%
3 60 +30% +60% +15%
4 100 +40% +80% +20%
5 150 +60% +120% +30%
6 210 +80% +1600% +40%
7 280 +100% +200% +50%
8 360 +120% +240% +60%
9 450 +160% +320% +80%
10 550 +200% +400% +100%

The number of equipment points needed per level increases by 10 times the next level each time. For example, if you have the Straw Hat at level 2, you would need to gather 10*3 = 30 equipment points to reach level 3.


You can obtain equipment through one of two methods:

  1. The Treasure Chest facility allows you to roll for equipment points. Each roll gives you approximately 8 to 12 equipment points. Thus, it is possible to roll less than the amount needed to make a new equipment, and also to roll equipment that you already have. You can roll for a maximum of three times a day for the cost of one ad each. You can additionally roll an unlimited number of times for 300 gems each.
  2. Occasionally, you may be able to obtain equipment through events. Event unlockings always provide you with the full 10 points of equipment needed to make a new equipment. Some equipment is event-exclusive and cannot be found through the Treasure Chest.

Due to the way equipment is obtained and levelled, it is not possible to obtain more than one of the same equipment item.


There are four types of equipment. A cat may equip up to one equipment of each type (hat, clothes, accessory, friend) at once.

Item Item obtainable via treasure chest.
Item Slug.png Item obtainable by treasure chest and event(s)
Item Slug.png Item only available during an event.
Item Slug.png ($) Item only available through an in-app purchase during an event.


Hats are worn on a cat's head.

List of Hats[1]
Icon Name Bonus Event
20M Party Crown.png 20M Party Crown Slug.png Effect (Cooking Soup) 20M Downloads
Adventurer.png Adventurer Price (Acorn Soup)
Afro Perm.png Afro Perm Price (Honey Juice)
Angel.png Angel Effect (Blending Juice)
Ball Mask.png Ball Mask Slug.png ($) Special Effect (Photo Reward) 7 Days of Gifts (3rd)
Bamboo hat.png Bamboo hat Price (Cabbage Juice)
Bear Cub Ribbon.png Bear Cub Ribbon Slug.png Price (Sugarcane Stir-fry) +10.0% October: Daily Missions Pass
Bird.png Bird Price (Acorn Juice)
Cap.png Cap Effect (Slicing Mushrooms)
Chef.png Chef Effect (Carousel)
Cherry On Top.png Cherry On Top Slug.png Price (Radish Soup) 7 Days of Gifts (4th)
Chick.png Chick Effect (Hot Springs)
Chicken.png Chicken Effect (Comfy Chair)
Crown.png Crown Effect (Drawing Canvas)
Deer.png Deer Slug.png Effect (Squeezing Lemons) Christmas (2021)
Denim Baseball Cap.png Denim Baseball Cap Slug.png Effect (Wild Flowers) Children's Day (2022)
DevilHat.png Devil Hat Slug.png ($) Effect (Vacations) +20.0% November: Daily Missions Pass
Donut Neck Pillow.png Donut Neck Pillow Slug.png ($) Price (Acorn Juice) 7 Days of Gifts (4th)
Easter Hat.png Easter Hat Slug.png Price (Celery stir-fry) Easter (2022)
Flower Coronet.png Flower Coronet Slug.png Effect (Wild Flowers) 7 Days of Gifts (5th)
Flower.png Flower Price (Cabbage Soup)
Frog.png Frog Effect (Comfy Chair)
Gentleman.png Gentleman Price (Bland Soup)
Grim Reaper's Hood.png Grim Reaper's Hood Slug.png ($) Effect (Model Train) +20.0% Halloween Grim Reaper's Collection
Halloween.png Pumpkin Head Effect (Hot Springs)
Happy Birthday.png Happy Birthday Price (Unknown stir-fry)
Hard hat.png Hard hat Effect (Blending Juice)
Headband.png Headband Price (Pumpkin Juice)
Helm.png Helm Effect (Chopping Broccoli)
Helmet.png Helmet Effect (Cutting Cabbage)
Honeybee.png Honeybee Slug.png ($) Price (Honey Juice) 7 Days of Gifts (2nd)
Hood.png Hood Effect (Chopping Broccoli)
Ice Cream Cone.png Ice Cream Cone Slug.png Price (Pumpkin Soup) 7 Days of Gifts (4th)
Kindergartener.png Kindergartener Slug.png Just Adorable Children's Day (2022)
Korean Headpiece.png Korean Headpiece Slug.png Effect (Snack Cart) Lunar New Year (2022)
Korean Hood.png Korean Hood Slug.png Effect (Swing) Lunar New Year (2022)
Let's go!.png Let's go! Price (Honey Soup)
Lily of the Valley.png Lily of the Valley Slug.png ($) Price (Mushroom Juice) +10.0% September: Daily Missions Pass
Lion.png Lion Effect (Hammock)
Moonlight Wizard.png Moonlight Wizard Slug.png Price (Cabbage Juice) 7 Days of Gifts (3rd)
Mushroom.png Mushroom Price (Lemon-scented stir-fry)
Musical Band.png Musical Band Slug.png Effect (Carousel) 150K YouTube Subscribers
Pandas.png Pandas Slug.png Effect (Trampoline) 7 Days of Gifts (1st)
Paper Bag.png Paper Bag Special Effect (Special order reward)
Plunger.png Plunger Effect (Cooking Soup)
Police.png Police Price (Stir-fried Pumpkin)
Rabbit.png Rabbit Effect (Carousel)
Ribbon.png Ribbon Slug.png Price (Bland Juice) Halloween (2021)
Santa.png Santa Slug.png Price (Carrot Soup) Christmas (2021)
Saurus.png Saurus Price (Broccoli stir-fry)
Sheep's Head.png Sheep's Head Price (Grains stir-fry)
Short Hair.png Short Hair Effect (Hammock)
Snorkel.png Snorkel Price (Radish Juice)
Spring Headband.png Spring Headband Slug.png Effect (Picnic)
Sprout.png Sprout Effect (Shredding Pumpkins)
Stargazer (Hat).png Stargazer Slug.png Effect (Cutting Celery) 7 Days of Gifts (2nd)
Straw Hat.png Straw Hat Effect (Chopping Carrots)
Suncap.png Suncap Effect (Shelling Acorns)
Sunflower.png Sunflower Price (Radish stir-fry)
Sweet-a-saurus.png Sweet-a-saurus Slug.png Effect (Trampoline) Children's Day (2022)
What the Bread.png What the Bread Slug.png Effect (Chopping Lotus Root) 7 Days of Gifts (4th)
Teddy Bear (Hat).png Teddy Bear Slug.png ($) Effect (Swing) 7 Days of Gifts (5th)
Terraman.png Terraman Price (Pumpkin Soup)
Waiter.png Waiter Slug.png ($) Price (Sugarcane Juice) +10.0% September: Daily Missions Pass
Winged Cap.png Winged Cap Slug.png ($) Special Effect (Frog Prince) Lunar New Year (2022)
Wizard.png Wizard Effect (Camping Tent)


Clothes are worn on a cat's body.

List of Clothes[1]
Icon Name Bonus Event
Ahoy Sailor Suit.png Ahoy Sailor Suit Slug.png Price (Corn Juice) Cherry Blossom Festival (2022)
Armor.png Armor Price (Corn Juice)
Autumn Suit.png Autumn Suit Effect (Harvesting Honey)
Ball Suit.png Ball Suit Slug.png ($) Price (Corn Soup) 7 Days of Gifts (3rd)
Bathrobe.png Bathrobe Price (Grain Juice)
Beachwear.png Beachwear Effect (Shade Tree)
Black Stripes.png Black Stripes Price (Honey Marinated stir-fry)
Blue Stripe.png Blue Stripe Effect (Wild Flowers)
Blue Vest.png Blue Vest Effect (Slicing Mushrooms)
Chef (Body).png Chef (Body) Effect (Shelling Acorns)
Coveralls.png Coveralls Price (Cabbage stir-fry)
Deer (Body).png Deer (Body) Slug.png Price (Carrot Juice) Christmas (2021)
Denim Overalls.png Denim Overalls Slug.png Effect (Shade Tree) Children's Day (2022)
DevilHoodie.png Devil Hoodie Slug.png ($) Effect (Picnic) +20.0% November: Daily Missions Pass
Drifter.png Drifter Effect (Squeezing Lemons)
Easter Vest.png Easter Vest Slug.png Price (Carrot Juice) Easter (2022)
Feathers.png Feathers Effect (Putting up Corn)
Frog (Body).png Frog (Body) Special Effect (Frog Prince)
Grim Reaper's Robe.png Grim Reaper's Robe Slug.png ($) Effect (Chopping Broccoli) +20.0% Halloween Grim Reaper's Collection
Hanbok Vest.png Hanbok Vest Slug.png Price (Grain Soup) Lunar New Year (2022)
Honeybee (Body).png Honeybee Slug.png ($) Price (Honey Soup) 7 Days of Gifts (2nd)
Kindergartener (Body).png Kindergartener Slug.png Just Adorable Children's Day (2022)
Leather Jumper.png Leather Jumper Effect (Grinding Wheat)
Life of the Party.png Life of the Party Slug.png Effect (Comfy Chair) 20M Downloads
Maid.png Maid Special Effect (Offline reward time increase)
Moonlight Wizard (Body).png Moonlight Wizard Slug.png Price (Cabbage Soup) 7 Days of Gifts (3rd)
Mummy.png Mummy Slug.png Price (Bland Soup) Halloween (2021)
Musical Band (Body).png Musical Band Slug.png Effect (Carousel) 150K YouTube Subscribers
Oriental.png Oriental Effect (Trampoline)
Overalls.png Overalls Slug.png Price (Acorn Soup) Easter (2022)
Panda.png Panda Slug.png Effect (Wild Flowers) 7 Days of Gifts (2nd)
Rainbow-colored Hanbok.png Rainbow-colored Hanbok Slug.png Effect (Cutting Celery) Lunar New Year (2022)
Red Vest.png Red Vest Special Effect (Jar Fairy)
Robe.png Robe Effect (Red Firecracker)
Royal Robe.png Royal Robe Slug.png ($) Special Effect (Offline reward time increase) Lunar New Year (2022)
Santa (Body).png Santa (Body) Slug.png Effect (Red Firecracker) Christmas (2021)
Saurus (Body).png Saurus Price (Broccoli Juice)
School Blazer.png School Blazer Slug.png Price (Lotus Root Soup) Cherry Blossom Festival (2022)
Sheriff.png Sheriff Effect (Cutting Cabbage)
Space Suit.png Space Suit Effect (Putting up Corn)
Spring Dress.png Spring Dress Slug.png Price (Celery Soup) Cherry Blossom Festival (2022)
Stargazer (Body).png Stargazer Slug.png Special Effect (Air Balloon gold) 7 Days of Gifts (2nd)
Sweat suit.png Sweat suit Price (Lemon Juice)
Sweet-a-saurus (Body).png Sweet-a-saurus Slug.png Effect (Red Firecracker) Children's Day (2022)
Teddy Bear.png Teddy Bear (Body) Slug.png ($) Effect (Swing) 7 Days of Gifts (5th)
Terraman (Body).png Terraman (Body) Price (Broccoli Soup)
Yellow Dress.png Yellow Dress Slug.png Effect (Drawing Canvas) 7 Days of Gifts (5th)


Cats may wear accessories in various ways. Accessories include eyewear, balloons, wings, and more. However, as with hats, clothes, and friends, only one accessory may be equipped at a time.

List of Accessories[1]
Icon Name Bonus Event
3D glasses.png 3D glasses Price (Carrots stir-fry)
Bat.png Bat Slug.png Price (Unknown stir-fry) Halloween (2021)
Bat Wings.png Bat Wings Price (Mushroom Juice)
Be wealthy.png Be wealthy Slug.png Special Effect (Special order reward) Lunar New Year (2022)
Big-Nosed.png Big-Nosed Slug.png Effect (Cooking Soup) Christmas (2021)
Birdbeak.png Birdbeak Effect (Chopping Radishes)
Bow Tie.png Bow Tie Slug.png ($) Effect (Model Train) 7 Days of Gifts (5th)
Cherry Cape.png Cherry Cape Slug.png ($) Price (Mushroom Soup) 7 Days of Gifts (4th)
Cotton Candy Cloud.png Cotton Candy Cloud Slug.png ($) Effect (Model Train) +20.0% Birthday Gift Unicorn Package
Count's Cloak.png Count's Cloak Slug.png Price (Carrot Juice) Halloween (2021)
Drone.png Drone Effect (Chopping Radishes)
Fairy.png Fairy Price (Corn stir-fry)
Feline Fatale.png Feline Fatale Slug.png Price (Lotus Root stir-fry) 7 Days of Gifts (5th)
Fairy Wisp.png Fairy Wisp Slug.png Price (Acorn stir-fry) +10.0% September: Daily Missions Pass
Flower Trail.png Flower trail Slug.png Price (Lemon-scented Soup) Easter (2022)
Four-leaf Clover.png Four-leaf Clover Slug.png Price (Radish Juice) +10.0% September: Daily Missions Pass
Gift Bow.png Gift Bow Slug.png Just Adorable Valentine's (2022)
Glasses.png Glasses Effect (Grilling Barbecue)
Goggles.png Goggles Effect (Grinding Wheat)
Grim Reaper's Scythe.png Grim Reaper's Scythe Slug.png ($) Effect (Mushroom Juice) +10.0% Halloween Grim Reaper's Collection
Half Moon Glasses.png Half Moon Glasses Price (Mushrooms stir-fry)
Heart Balloon.png Heart balloon Slug.png Just Adorable Valentine's (2022)
Heart eyes.png Heart eyes Effect (Chopping Carrots)
Honeybee wings.png Honeybee wings Slug.png ($) Price (Honey Marinated stir-fry) 7 Days of Gifts (2nd)
In Love.png In Love Slug.png Just Adorable Valentine's (2022)
Jelly Paw Balloon.png Jelly Paw Balloon Slug.png Price (Celery Soup) Cherry Blossom Festival (2022)
Lucky Bag.png Lucky Bag Slug.png Special Effect (Jar Fairy) Lunar New Year (2022)
Magic Orb.png Magic Orb Effect (Shredding Pumpkins)
Magic Potion.png Magic Potion Slug.png Price (Cabbage stir-fry) 7 Days of Gifts (3rd)
Mask.png Mask Price (Grain Soup)
Monocle.png Monocle Price (Bland Juice)
Newtype.png Newtype Special Effect (Air Balloon gold)
Party Horn.png Party Horn Slug.png Price (Mushroom Soup) Children's Day (2022)
Party Sunglasses.png Party Sunglasses Slug.png Price (Grape Soup) 20M Downloads
Pierrot.png Pierrot Slug.png Effect (Shade Tree) Christmas (2021)
Pig Nose.png Pig Nose Effect (Busking)
Pumpkin Balloon.png Pumpkin Balloon Price (Carrots stir-fry)
Rocket Booster.png Rocket Booster Price (Radish Soup)
Scooter.png Scooter Slug.png ($) Special Effect (Jar Fairy) 7 Days of Gifts (1st)
Star Balloon.png Star Balloon Price (Corn Soup)
Stargazer.png Stargazer Slug.png Effect (Swing) 7 Days of Gifts (2nd)
Sunglasses.png Sunglasses Effect (Grilling Barbecue)
Toy Gun.png Toy Gun Effect (Camping Tent)
Trumpet.png Trumpet Slug.png Effect (Busking) 150K YouTube Subscribers
Trust me.png Trust me Effect (Busking)
Tube.png Tube Price (Acorns stir-fry)
White Wings.png White Wings Price (Mushroom Soup)
Witch's Broom.png Witch's Broom Slug.png Price (Carrot Soup) Halloween (2021)
Zoro Mask.png Zoro Mask Effect (Harvesting Honey)


Friends are small pets that hang around your cat with unique animations (ex. hopping for the Carrot Rabbit.) As your cat travels from station to station, its friend will follow along. Currently, all friends are event-exclusive.

List of Friends[1]
Icon Name Bonus Event
Baby Chick-in-Egg.png Baby Chick-in-Egg Slug.png ($) Special Effect (Special order reward) Easter (2022)
Baby Tiger.png Baby Tiger Slug.png ($) Special Effect (Photo reward) Lunar New Year (2022)
Bear.png Bear Slug.png Effect (Harvesting Honey) 7 Days of Gifts (5th)
Carrot Rabbit.png Carrot Rabbit Slug.png ($) Effect (Chopping Carrots) 7 Days of Gifts (2nd)
Cat Robot.png Cat Robot Slug.png ($) Effect (Cooking Soup) Electronic Cat Package
Cherry Blossom Deer.png Cherry Blossom Deer Slug.png ($) Effect (Special order reward) Cherry Blossom Festival (2022)
Chinchillaz.jpg Chinchilla Effect (Lemon-scented stir-fry +10%) September: Daily Missions Pass
Dandy-Lion.jpg Dandy-Lion Effect (Radish stir-fry) September: Daily Missions Pass
Hammy Pudding.png Hammy Pudding Slug.png ($) Price (Lemon-scented Soup) 7 Days of Gifts (4th)
Hedgehog.png Hedgehog Slug.png Effect (Snack Cart) 7 Days of Gifts (2nd)
Messenger Bird.png Messenger bird Slug.png ($) Price (Grains stir-fry) 7 Days of Gifts (3rd)
Powder Blue Jellyfish.png Powder Blue Jellyfish Slug.png Effect (Squeezing Grapes) Children's Day (2022)
Seal or fry.png Seal or fry Slug.png Effect (Grilling Barbecue) 7 Days of Gifts (3rd)
Square Honeybee.png Square Honeybee Slug.png ($) Effect (Harvesting Honey) 7 Days of Gifts (5th)
Strawberry Sheep.jpg Strawberry Sheep Slug.png ($) Effect (Stir-fried Pumpkin +10%) Straberry Sheep Package
Ultimutt Pup.png Ultimutt Pup Slug.png Effect (Shelling Acorns +20%) Cats gift
Unicornz.jpg Unicorn Slug.png ($) Effect (Cat Exercise Wheel +20%) Birthday Gift Unicorn Package
Vampire Bat.png Vampire Bat Slug.png ($) Effect (Grinding Wheat +20%) Halloween Grim Reaper's Collection
Violet Imp.png Violet Imp Slug.png ($) Effect (Corn stir-fry +10%) November: Daily Missions Pass


Refer to Collection (Equipment).

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