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The Craft menu is where you build facilities for your forest. Facilities are various small 'buildings' you can place in the game. Different facilities provide different functionality based on their type. While the majority of facilities can be purchased with gold, some Special facilities are event-exclusive or only obtainable through in-app purchases. Additionally, some facilities have skins, which are currently only obtainable through limited-time in-app purchases.

Refer to the sections below for all facilities and information on leveling them.

Facility Menu[edit]

Each menu additionally has its own menu, each with its own tab.

Level Tab[edit]

All Cooking and Rest facilities have levels. Levelling a facility increases the base price of the dish type it is associated with- Soup, Juice, or Stir Fry. Thus, levelling any facility will increase the base price of all other facilities of the same dish type.

The first facility of its type that you build will start at Level 1, and can be levelled until it reaches Level 22 000 which is the maximum level. Subsequent facilities of the same type will start at the highest level of the same type. For example, if you have one Chopping Carrots facility at Level 99 and a second Chopping Carrots facility at Level 80, then the third Chopping Carrots facility you build would start at Level 99.

The cost to level a facility increases exponentially. The table below summarizes the approximate percent increase in cost between levels. Please note that the values prior to Level 34 are only estimates based on averaged data between facilities.

Approximate percent increase in facility costs per level
Level Increase % Increase
1 ➝ 2 234%
2 ➝ 3 80%
3 ➝ 4 50%
4 ➝ 5 40%
5 ➝ 6 33%
6 ➝ 7 30%
7 ➝ 8 28%
8 ➝ 9 25%
9 ➝ 10 24%
10 ➝ 11 21%
11 ➝ 12 20%
12 ➝ 13 20%
13 ➝ 14 19%
14 ➝ 15 18%
15 ➝ 16 18%
16 ➝ 17 17%
17 ➝ 18 17%
18 ➝ 19 16%
19 ➝ 20 16%
20 ➝ 21 16%
21 ➝ 22 15%
22 ➝ 23 15%
23 ➝ 24 15%
24 ➝ 25 15%
25 ➝ 26 14%
26 ➝ 27 14%
27 ➝ 28 14%
28 ➝ 29 14%
29 ➝ 30 14%
30 ➝ 31 14%
31 ➝ 32 13%
32 ➝ 33 13%
≥ 34 10%

As the increase in cost stabilizes at 10%, after Level 34 it is possible to easily estimate the costs for your next levels based on the cost to level up once.

Level Calculation Widget[edit]

The following widget estimates the cost to level your facility up by 10 or 100 levels for any facility Level 34 or higher. The (exact) costs are the amount of gold you need to level up that much one by one, while the (bulk) costs are the amount of gold you need to trigger bulk buying. There is no bulk buying for 1000 or 10000 levels, so the values displayed are the estimated amounts. Please note that these costs are just estimates- there will be inaccuracy, particularly if the cost of your next level is only one or two digits.

<inputbox> type=fulltext placeholder=The cost of your next level, including letters break=no searchbuttonlabel=Calculate </inputbox>

Levels Estimated Amount Needed
+10 (exact) Click calculate to see!
+10 (bulk) Click calculate to see!
+100 (exact) Click calculate to see!
+100 (bulk) Click calculate to see!
+1000 (exact) Click calculate to see!
+10000 (exact) Click calculate to see!

Decorate Facility Tab[edit]

In this tab, you can customize your facility's appearance through selecting a skin or lamp.


Refer to Skins (Facilities).


Most cooking and rest facilities have a lamp, placed either on a wooden stool or hanging in the air. While the same lamp can be selected for all facilities through the Theme menu, it is also possible to choose a specific lamp for individual facilities. Note that selecting a lamp through the Theme menu will override any lamps selected for individual facilities.

Refer to Theme for a list of all lamps and how to obtain them.

Other Settings Tab[edit]

In this tab, you can mute or unmute a facility's special sound effects.

Facilities List[edit]


There are two types of cooking facilities- ingredient facilities, and dish facilities. Ingredient facilities help generate more gold , which is used to level up existing cooking or rest facilities and purchase new ones. Dish facilities produce dishes to be sold for gold. Each new dish facility unlocks a new dish, while each new ingredient facility adds different versions of the dishes.

The table below lists all cooking facilities. Facilities with an italicized name are dish facilities.

Cooking Facilities
Icon Name Cost Description
Cooking Soup 0 Stir hard to avoid burning.
Chopping Carrots Soup: 500 Juice: 6000a Stir-fry: 600k Chop down to bite size.
Cutting Cabbage Soup: 4000 Juice: 50b Stir-fry: 5000k Shred it into small pieces.
Blending Juice 1000a Blend juice by buzzing.
Putting up Corn Soup: 100b Juice: 2000c Stir-fry: 200m How does every kernel taste?
Shelling Acorns Soup: 10e Juice: 200f Stir-fry: 20p Peel off the hard shell.
Chopping Broccoli Soup: 100h Juice: 2000i Stir-fry: 200s Chunk and chonk.
Grilling Barbecue 10k Cook to golden brown.
Squeezing Lemons Soup: 2000p Juice: 20r Stir-fry: 2000aa I'm drooling at the thought.
Harvesting Honey Soup: 1000y Juice: 20aa Stir-fry: 2000aj Just be careful of the bees!
Grinding Wheat Soup: 1000ah Juice: 20aj Stir-fry: 2000as Carbs are life.
Chopping Radishes Soup: 10as Juice: 200at Stir-fry: 20bd Let's chop it into chunks.
Shredding Pumpkins Soup: 1000bd Juice: 20bf Stir-fry: 2000bo Hard but hollow.
Slicing Mushrooms Soup: 1000bq Juice: 20bs Stir-fry: 2000cb Soft and fluffy.
Cutting Celery Soup: 100cf Juice: 2000cg Stir-fry: 200cq Nice and crunchy.
Chopping Lotus Root Soup: 100dg Juice: 2000dh Stir-fry: 200dr Let's slice it thin.
Squeezing Grapes Soup: 1000eb Juice: 20ed Stir-fry: 2000em Sweet and tart grapes that taste excellent.
Chopping Sugarcane Soup: 1000fm Juice: 20fo Stir-fry: 2000fx The raw material of sugar.
Cutting Strawberries Soup: xxx Juice: xxx Stir-fry: xxx Let's get chopping these fresh berries!
File:HarvestingOatsIcon.jpg Harvesting Oats Soup: xxx Juice: xxx Stir-fry: xxx Shake 'em down!
File:CrushingGarlicIcon.jpg Crushing Garlic Soup: xxx Juice: xxx Stir-fry: xxx Crush & pound for its special savory scent!
File:CuttingPineapplesIcon.jpg Cutting Pineapples Soup: xxx Juice: xxx Stir-fry: xxx Sweet and tart with a yellow glow!
File:CuttingPapayasIcon.jpg Cutting Papayas Soup: xxx Juice: xxx Stir-fry: xxx The fruit of the angels!
File:ShakingSesameIcon.jpg Shaking Sesame Soup: xxx Juice: xxx Stir-fry: xxx The savory scent fills the air!
File:SlicingCheeseIcon.jpg Slicing Cheese Soup: xxx Juice: xxx Stir-fry: xxx Let its nutty scent tickle your taste buds!
File:SlicingApplesIcon.jpg Slicing Apples Soup: xxx Juice: xxx Stir-fry: xxx Crunchy and crispy with a red glow.
File:GrindingRedBeansIcon.jpg Grinding Red Beans Soup: xxx Juice: xxx Stir-fry: xxx Swish-swish these very sweet beans!
File:CuttingMangosteenIcon.jpg Cutting Mangosteen Soup: xxx Juice: xxx Stir-fry: xxx Queen of Fruit.
File:CuttingAsparagusIcon.jpg Cutting Asparagus Soup: xxx Juice: xxx Stir-fry: xxx


Rest facilities are places that your cats relax at when they aren't working at their cooking facilities. Only cats assigned to ingredient-type cooking facilities will use rest facilities. Rest facilities generate recipe points to help you upgrade your recipes.

The table below lists all rest facilities.

Rest Facilities
Icon Name Cost Description
Shade Tree 800 Listen to tunes in the shade.
Trampoline 100a Flip in the air.
Wild Flowers 100c Fragrant.
Comfy Chair 100g Sit back and read.
Red Firecracker 1000n Woosh~ Crackle! Crack!
Hammock 1000u Wibble Wobble.
Camping Tent 10ad Cozy.
Hot Springs 1000am Fatigue fades away.
Drawing Canvas 1000ax That easy!
Busking 10bk Imma be a singer too.
Carousel 1000bx Merry go round and round.
Snack Cart 1000cn Brings back those memories.
Swing 1000cw Back and forth! Exciting!!
Picnic 1000dq A basket! Get in there!
Model Train 100en Choo Choo.
Vacation 1000ez There's always time for a drink
Cat Exercise Wheel 100ga Let's go on a quick sprint!
File:HopintheCarIcon.jpg Hop in the Car xxx Vroom vroom
File:WatchTVIcon.jpg Watch TV Fun movies! Delicious popcorn!
File:WatermillIcon.jpg Watermill Lay back with a cup of tea.
File:CampfireIcon.jpg Campfire Its warm sparks are sure to bring back hearty memories.
File:AstronomicalTelescopeIcon.jpg Astronomical Telescope Which stars are we really made of?
File:FelineFitnessIcon.jpg Feline Fitness Stronger than yesterday! Get those paws up & pounce!
File:TeaTimeIcon.jpg Tea Time Let the warm aroma fill your entire body.
File:KittyKaraokeIcon.jpg Kitty Karaoke Slip into the mew-sical rhythm, boom clap!
File:PiñataIcon.jpg Piñata Hit & bash to receive a gift!
File:RockingHorseIcon.jpg Rocking Horse Pitter-patter!
File:DiscJockeyIcon.jpg Disc Jockey 1000us With funky music~


Function facilities provide various special functionality in the game. Refer to the table below for details.

Function Facilities
Icon Name Cost Function Description
Treasure Chest 2000 Unlocks the Treasure Chest, which allows you to roll for equipment items through watching ads or paying gems. Full of treasure.
Good Luck Jar 8000 Unlocks the Jar Fairy, which allows you to obtain an hour's worth of gold instantly by watching an ad. Summons the jar fairy.
Bulletin Board 2000a Unlocks the Bulletin Board, which allows you to fulfill Special Orders by selling specific dishes for extra gold. Special order posted here.
Fish Pond 1000b Unlocks the Fish Pond, which allows you to fish. Fish can be sent to the Aquarium for bonus Recipe Points , or fed to cats to increase their happiness. Fish! fish!
Searchlight 100d Unlocks the Searchlight, which causes hot air balloons to occasionally appear in your forest. Tap the balloons to make them drop their gold! Search for hot air balloons full of gold.
Claw Machine 1000e Unlocks the Claw Machine, which allows you to obtain gems, furniture coins, and gold. Test your luck today!
Aquarium 1000w Unlocks the Aquarium, which allows you to donate fish from the Fish Pond to permanently increase your Recipe Points from all sources. How hard can it be!


Special facilities do not cost gold, but instead can only be obtained automatically, through events, or through in-app purchases. See the table below for more details.

Special Facilities
Icon Name Unlock Condition Description
Ad Manager Sloth You get skip ad tickets every day.
Empty lot You can install / disable event facilities.
Fairy Tree In-app purchase Recipe point earnings double.
Giant tortoise warehouse In-app purchase Offline reward time increase by 3 hours.
Eerie Basement In-app purchase Ghosts appear at night and give extra recipe points.
Herb Stand Free gift on Day 7 of the 7 Days of Gifts: 1st event. Permanently increases the price of soup dishes by 20%.
Ice Cave In-app purchase Permanently increases the price of juice menu by 50%.
Sweet and sour fountain In-app purchase Permanently increases the price of grilled dishes by 50%.
Cookbook Library Free gift on Day 3 of the 7 Days of Gifts: 2nd event. 10% more recipe points at all resting places!
Observatory Find a new cat.


Event facilities are exclusive facilities that can be obtained during events. A maximum of one event facility can be displayed at a time through the Empty Lot special facility. Event facilities are entirely for aesthetic purposes and provide no functionality.

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Event Facilities
Icon Name Event
Christmas tree Christmas (2021)
Theatrical Sunrise Set Lunar New Year (2022)
Valentine Chocolate Bowl Valentine's (2022)
Easter Bunny's House Easter (2021)
1st Anniversary Birthday Cake 1st Anniversary
Eerie Chapel Halloween (2022)
File:BeachSodaPubIcon.png Beach Soda Pub [[|]]
File:TwinklingWhiteChristmasTreeIcon.png Twinkling White Christmas Tree Christmas (2023)
File:EasterEggBasketIcon.png Easter Egg Basket Easter (2024)